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Deutsche and Field Asset Services

This German owned company, Deutsche Bank (and its National Trust Company has been described as the absolute worst when it comes to foreclosures.  It operates freely in the United States, using Nazi-like tactics to throw American people out of their homes without proper legal standing. If your neighborhood looks like the Warsaw Ghetto thanks to this and other banks' actions, you can thank our federal government for its complicity.  

Banks Are the Largest Post-Foreclosure Landlords

In 2010, financial institutions acquired 142,305 foreclosed properties, while private investors acquired 38,359 foreclosed properties, resulting in a 79%-21% split. The financial institutions acquiring large numbers of foreclosed properties include Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, California Housing Financial Agency, Wells Fargo Bank, Aurora Loan Services, IndyMac, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, OneWest, HSBC, US Bank, and Deutsche Bank.

Hiding behind their FORECLOSURE/EVICTION Law Firms:
Research indicates that a small number of eviction lawyers handle the majority of bank evictions. These include the Endres Law Firm (Davis); Pite Duncan (San Diego); Randall Naiman Law Offices (San Diego); Jackson & Associates (Irvine); McCarthy & Holthus (San Diego); the Law Offices of Les Zieve (Huntington Beach); and Ruzicka & Wallace (Irvine), among others.

Deutsche's and OneWest Bank's hired hand in illegal operations is a Texas-based company called Field Asset Services, out of Austin.

Field Asset Services claims to be a home preservation company but that really means that for a fee from their numerous big clients (the banks and mortgage companies), they will hire local trash-out companies, those vultures of the foreclosure trade to come to your home, break in, remove your belongings (a.k.a. steal from you), change the locks and then toss out whatever debris they find -- that could be your furniture or anything else the vultures decide they don't want for themselves.  There are no rules they must follow.  Once a home is foreclosed upon legally or illegally, the mission of these companies is to just show up and do their dirty work.

In 2009, a Michigan couple had their home broken into, their belongings removed and their utilities turned off (this lawsuit was also against Deutsche Bank).  Around the same time, in California, another couple was able to stop the home invaders because of a lucky chance that one of them happened to be home at the time of the attempted break-in, but they then suffered utility shut-offs during their year long battle to stay in the home (Deutsche Bank also named in their lawsuit).  Even as late as in June 2011, a retiree in Tampa, Florida had everything he owned stolen by people hired by Field Asset Services.  To this day absolutely nothing he owned has been recovered. 

DEUTSCHE BANK's MANAGEMENT BOARD carry on the legacy of former CEO Josef Ackermann.  They now include: Jürgen Fitschen, Anshu Jain, Stefan Krause, Stephan Leithner, Stuart Lewis, Rainer Neske, Henry Ritchotte -- responsible for managing the NAZI-like activities of the company.

juergen_fitschenJürgen Fitschen

anshu_jainAnshu Jain

stefan_krauseStefan Krause
Chief Financial Officer

stephan_leithnerStephan Leithner
CEO Europe

stuart_lewisStuart Lewis
Chief Risk Officer

rainer_neskeRainer Neske
Head of Private & Business Clients

henry_ritchotteHenry Ritchotte
Chief Operating Officer

ONEWEST BANK at RipOff Reports

Field Asset Services - Executives

Dale McPherson
Dale McPherson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Steve George Steve George, Managing Director and Founder

Paul Carlson
Paul Carlson, Executive Vice President of Operations

Karen Glasgow Karen Glasgow, Executive Vice President, Client Support Services

Don Neville




Don Neville, Chief Financial Officer

Terry Sadowski




Terry Sadowski, Chief Marketing Officer

Todd Ebner Todd Ebner, Chief Information Officer

Loetta Arrington
Loetta Arrington, Senior Vice President of Business Development

Monica Davidson

Monica Davidson, Senior Vice President of Vendor Relationship Management

Jim Pike



Jim Pike, Senior Vice President of Property Services

Richard Rice
Richard Rice, Senior Vice President of Client Operations

Larry Beck Larry Beck, Vice President of Field Quality Control

Robert George
Robert George, Vice President of Client Operations

Dean Dresser Dean Dresser, Controller

DEUTSCHE BANK'S Abuse of Legal Process:

Complaints across the internet from people in litigation with Deutsche Bank say the bank and its lawyers refuse to answer questions put forth by litigants because they claim not to understand the following terms: "bank", "banking", "relationship", "eviction", "foreclosure", "foreclosed" , "legal title", "mortgage", "mortgage servicing company", "mortgage servicer", "legal or legally", "successful",  "visit",  "check on", "checked", "foreclosures and/or evictions", "people", "courts".

We urge all readers and victims to contact their state's Attorney General.  The illegal actions of banks and companies like Field Asset Services, Inc. and the vulture companies they hire to trash out your home and steal your valuables are criminal and immoral. 

SUE THEM.  Take them to small claims court where an actual representative of the bank or other company will have to show up in court without an attorney; take them to superior court -- do it yourself if you have to.  Deep pocket big banks are counting on you just walking away, but at least they will have had another lawsuit to contend with.

Deutsche Bank and its National Trust Co. deserves to be thrown out of the United States and Field Asset Services, Inc. should be shut down.

Deutsche Bank is a criminal organization.

By Chad Bray

NEW YORK—Deutsche Bank AG agreed Tuesday to pay $553.6 million and admitted criminal wrongdoing to settle a long-running probe over fraudulent tax shelters that allowed clients to avoid paying billions of dollars in U.S. taxes.

Under a nonprosecution agreement with the U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan and the Internal Revenue Service, the German bank won't be prosecuted for its participation in about 15 tax shelters involving more than 2,100 customers between 1996 and 2002, including shelters marketed by accounting firm KPMG LLP and defunct law firm Jenkens & Gilchrist PC.  (You read that correctly: In court papers, the Department of Justice agreed not to criminally prosecute Deutsche Bank for any crimes related to its participation in a broad conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service!  Can you imagine what would have happened if it were you or I involved in such criminal wrongdoing?) Read more of the WSJ article at

EXPOSE DEUTSCHE BANK EXECS: Jürgen Fitschen, Anshu Jain, Stefan Krause, Stephan Leithner, Stuart Lewis, Rainer Neske, Henry Ritchotte, Josef Ackermann


Dale McPherson, Steve George, Paul Carlson, Karen Glasgow, Don Neville, Terry Sadowski, Todd Ebner, Loetta Arrington, Monica Davidson, Jim Pike, Richard Rice, Larry Beck, Robert George, Dean Dresser

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